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What To Wear

You can put on anything you like, though we encourage you to wear pastel, bold, earth color timeless clothing, to insure that your photos stand the test of time and trends. The best clothes work with no name brands, pictures, or words on them, which can distract from the child and give the photographs a dated look.

If family photos are to be taken, simple, classic clothing is best for parents . You are welcome to bring several different wardrobe changes and accessories (hats, scarves)to give your session a bit of variety. If your child loves dressing up or has got favorite toy, blanket etc. you are welcome to bring everything along with you to capture a moment of your child's life. 

 For family photographs, we recommend dressing everyone in clothes that compliment each other and colours which go together.  

Our goal is to capture the personality of your child, and your family in original images.